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It's Time to Dream

Since my 19 year old daughter, Taylor, went to Heaven almost a year ago, I've been having a hard time dreaming. Not the type of dreams that you dream at night, but dreams of the heart. -that's changing now.

My dreaming didn't happen in an instant, it's been a process.

At first, all I could do was allow my thoughts to think of planning out an hour and no further,

then an hour turned to a day,

and then a week,

and then after several months I was able to start planning again a month into the future.

I started to dream.

During this process I found that I could not think about planning anything more than a month ahead because it caused me incredible pain. To imagine my life moving forward without my daughter in my future has been so terribly hard.

Now, since we've passed through the Christmas season, my younger daughter, Madison, has been challenging me to think and look further ahead.

It hasn't been comfortable for me but it's been so healthy.

It's actually more comfortable to be stuck in some ways. -and I do have a legitimate excuse to be stuck, but is that how I want to live the rest of my life?

Madison has challenged me to think about planning a trip to London...this is forcing me to think several months out and it's broken me free in some ways.

I am dreaming. I am dreaming about my future self. It's time to dream.

I am asking myself, "what do I want to do in the next year and the years to come?" -Honestly, the "years to come" part is still super painful but I am determined to not get stuck here; on this particular part of my path within my story.

I recently decided to take a leap into something relatively new to me. I've decided to become a Transformational Life Coach. In this training, there is a whole section about dreaming and I have been challenged to write down 50 dreams.

Yes, it's hard! Especially when I've been stuck, but I'm finding that I still do have a few fact I'm up to 46 dreams as of today!

"You know your heart is healthy when you begin to dream again." -Pastor Michael Maiden Church for the Nations Phoenix, AZ

I don't know what you've been through, I don't know if you're stuck like I've been, but I'm telling you that it's YOUR time to dream.

What are you dreaming about doing, owning, or becoming? Take a moment and start to dream with God and journal your thoughts down. Then watch and see what God does next!

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