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Two of the Most Powerful Sentences You Can Say to Take Your Faith to the Next Level

When my daughter was diagnosed with a rare cancer, glioblastoma multiforme of the spinal cord, I chose to say "I trust you God".  I continued to say this, not just in my heart, but out loud -which actually was harder to do!

Sometimes it was a whisper and sometimes it was a shout, but I bravely said it; "I trust you God".

Whenever I did this, I felt faith rising in me which I needed so desperately.


"Without faith it is impossible to please God..." Hebrews 11:6


To say "I trust you God" is to say that you put your faith in him and his plans for your life. 

This is so powerful because when we say this, we are actually building our faith and making God happy at the same time.  -how amazing is that?!

I continue to say this power statement daily because I still need my faith to grow.  

To begin to take your faith to the next level, start by saying,

"I trust you God".

My daughter didn't get the miracle healing we were believing for and it was so painful. She went to Heaven seven months after her diagnosis.  I never for a moment thought she wouldn't get her miracle.  I never thought that she would die from this.

The pain from the death of my child is indescribable.  It has pierced my heart even to the physical level of physical heartache.  It is a wound in my soul with which I carry.

Even though I have gone through such great sorrow, I am determined through it all to continue to say "I trust you God".

I am determined to prevent myself from becoming stifled in my faith walk.

I am determined to say, no matter how I am feeling, "I trust you God", even if it is at times just a whisper.

So how do we take our faith to the next level after that?

Ask God one of the most powerful questions we can ask:  "What can I do for you Jesus?"

You might be thinking, "but Tasha, how can you expect me to ask such a question when I have experienced so much pain?"

Somehow I did it.  Here's how:

It was the day of my daughter's memorial service in Washington State.  I couldn't sleep even though I was exhausted. We had gone to bed around midnight and my mind was restless.

I don't even know why I asked.

All I know is that I was at a place where I felt emptied of myself. There was nothing in me that I was holding onto.  I had let it all go. I had completely surrendered myself.  Then I fell asleep and had a dream and God answered my question.

Start with the power statement of "I trust you God".

Go ahead, say it out loud.

Say it out loud every day until you are ready to ask the question, and then don't stop saying it but keep declaring it, "I trust you God" as you then ask one of the most powerful questions you can ask:  "What can I do for you Jesus?". 

  Let's take our faith to the next level and see what happens next!

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